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Readers Problem: Readers need a way to… Maintain their TBRs (To Be Read lists) with minimal effort.. Because they want to achieve their goals of reading purposefully Hypothesis We believe by creating a TBR tracker app with key motivators and rewards, readers will achieve more intentional reading habits. We will know this to be true …


Observe users in their natural environment passively Engage with them in interviews  Imagine ourselves in these users; environment or stepping into their shows as the saying goes, in order to gain a deeper understanding of their situations Icons made by Smashicons from


A problem statement will guide you and your team, and provide a focus on the specific needs that you have uncovered Icons made by Smashicons from


Step beyond the obvious solutions and therefore increase the innovation potential of your solution Icons made by Smashicons from


Prototypes are built so that designers can think about their solutions in a different way (tangible product rather than abstract ideas) as well as to fail quickly and cheaply, so that less time and money is invested in an idea that turns out to be a bad one Icons made by Smashicons from